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Terms of Use

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This website does not create an attorney-client relationship.
​We don’t become your attorney until you hire us. When you use this website to learn about immigration law, our services, community events, or anything else, you’re just learning. If you would like legal representation, you may request it. But even if you fill out a contact form, call us, or email an attorney directly, no attorney-client relationship is established. We can’t officially represent you until we’ve made sure there are no conflicts of interest within our firm and until you return a signed engagement agreement.
​This is advertising material, not legal advice.
​We hope that the information we publish on this website helps you learn more about how the U.S. immigration system works. However, we are not providing you or anyone else with legal advice. You shouldn’t expect the basic and general information you read on our site to apply perfectly to your situation, and you may not try to hold us accountable if it doesn’t. If you would like to get an attorney’s opinion on your personal situation, you must consult with one. But visiting this website and/or submitting a contact form doesn’t count as consulting with an attorney and doesn’t create an attorney-client relationship.
​Furthermore, we do not guarantee that every piece of information on this website will always be perfectly accurate. Laws may change faster than our ability to update the site. While we will make every effort to keep the page updated and accurate, you may not hold us accountable for any accidental errors.
​Our contact forms are just the first step.
​Please realize that any time you submit information on the internet, there is a risk that your security will be compromised. Although we are committed to keeping your information confidential and use only trusted web-service providers to host our site and contact forms, we cannot guarantee the security of your information and will not be held responsible if the security is compromised. Please exercise discretion when considering what information you would like to submit.
​We use contact forms throughout our website to make it easier for you to get legal advice. Spam, abuse, or any other inappropriate use of the contact form will not be tolerated. We are committed to responding to all serious, complete, and relevant requests within one business day. However, illnesses, trainings, special events, and staffing changes may result in a response time of more than one day. By submitting a contact form, you understand that our commitment to the one business day response time is a goal, not a contract, and you agree not to hold us responsible if we take longer than one business day to respond to your submission.   
​Finally, we would like to emphasize that you do not establish an attorney-client relationship by submitting a contact form.
We can’t guarantee results.
​Our website features testimonials and success stories from people who have received immigration benefits with our help. However, we cannot promise (and, in fact, are prohibited by law from promising) that you will receive the same results. If you hire us, we will do our best to handle your case, but we cannot guarantee an outcome. You should recognize that there are many factors that can impact a decision on your case, some of which are beyond our control and yours.
We are not responsible for the sites we link to.
​We link to few external websites where you can find more information about topics that may be important to you. Obviously, we do not control those sites and cannot be responsible for their content.
Please respect what’s ours.
​In the past, some organizations and individuals have used materials created by Broyles, Kight & Ricafort PC for their own purposes. Although we have not prosecuted, we ask that you take note of the copyright notice in the footer of every page of our site.  You may download and print portions of our site for your own personal, non-commercial use, but please refrain from using our content in any other way without our prior written permission.

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