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Worth It

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A good attorney can be the difference between an approval and a denial.


Your Future Is On The Line

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With such high stakes, why take chances?
Confide in someone who will advocate for you.


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Don't be taken advantage of: Anyone who tells you to lie because "hopefully the government won't find that out" isn't being a good lawyer and is doing you a disservice. People who say things like that aren't smart guides or advocates for you; they are risking your future so they can make easy money.

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Get It Right The First Time

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You've been waiting long enough.

Don't tolerate costly and time-consuming delays in the already-long immigration process.

Don't gamble your future away with applications that can only be submitted once.

Trust an attorney who knows the nuances of the immigration process.

Trust an attorney who has experience getting people like you the benefits you need.

Find out why BKR is right for you.

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Professionalism Matters

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Your application for immigration benefits may require you to submit an affidavit. Compare the one our office helped prepare with the ones made at home. Can you guess which USCIS prefers?


Without guidance, people tend to write support letters that are too short, like this one, which doesn't include a header or properly identify the writer.


We prepare letters like this one on behalf of our clients. The clear and organized format showcase moving details and highlight convincing arguments. This type of letter tends to impress adjudicators more.


Handwritten support letters like this one are unprofessional and hard to read. They also tend not to include the right kinds of information.

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How do we know?

The USCIS website doesn't always explain how documents should be formatted or what kinds of information letters should include. Attorneys who belong to AILA have access to special Q&A sessions with USCIS representatives and are able to get answers to some of these questions. In addition, BKR made a special trip to the Nebraska Service Center in 2015 to meet in person with immigration petition adjudicators.

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Applying For A Green Card Shouldn't Get You Deported

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People with criminal histories ought to consult someone who knows the law before they try to apply for immigration benefits. If they don't, the consequences could be serious.




Consequences Aren't Always What You'd Think

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Immigration officials care about different criminal offenses than local law enforcement officers do. Expunging your criminal record doesn't mean it'll be gone when you go to apply for an immigration benefit, but knowing ahead of time whether your application stands a chance will save you lots of time and money.



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On Your Team

Whether you need someone to stand up for you in court, someone to sit at your side during an interview, or just someone to dot the i's and cross the t's in your application forms, hiring an immigration attorney is worth it.

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