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You came for a better life. 

But you stayed without asking.

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The government considers this a problem.



Learn about the provisional waiver for spouses of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Provisional Waivers

Contact us if you think you need a different type of waiver. 

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The Bar That Can't Be Waived

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If you entered the U.S. illegally two or more times, you may be subject to the permanent bar.


The Bar that cant be waived (1)


Practically Permanent

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This bar is "permanent" because there are virtually no ways around it. The text below, taken from the Immigration and Nationality Act explains how. 




This Is Where Patience Is Tested

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If you have the permanent bar, there's not much any immigration attorney can do for you - yet. If it applies to you, here are some things you can do in the meantime.


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Wait for the law to change. 

​Politicians are constantly discussing ways to update and change the nation's immigration policy. Follow the news and follow us on social media to stay up to date about any legislation that could eliminate the permanent bar or make you eligible for immigration benefits despite it.

Learn more about removal proceedings and bonds


Drive carefully and call if you're detained.

​The most common ways that undocumented immigrants come in contact with immigration police are via driving infractions and criminal offenses. Avoid driving as much as possible and stay out of trouble with the law. If you are stopped by immigration police, cooperate with them but don't sign anything until you call us. We'll help you post bond and may be able to ask the judge to set aside your case and let you keep living in the United States.

Get tips about living without legal status


Don't submit a petition anyway.

Some clients think that because they were never caught while crossing the border, ICE won't know they have the permanent bar. This is a risky assumption to make. Immigration can access records from various agencies and may have evidence about your presence in the U.S. regardless of how careful you believe you were. Submitting an immigration petition when you have the permanent bar can cause you to be put into deportation proceedings. You should be skeptical of anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. 

Learn how to avoid being fooled by dishonest representation (1)

If you would like to know what information immigration has about you, get in touch. We can submit a FOIA request on your behalf, and we'll make sure it's complete. 

request information about your immigration or criminal history


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