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We help you understand bonds, hearings,

and ways to avoid deportation.

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What To Do If You're Detained

Anyone who is placed in removal proceedings for the first time has a right to a hearing before a judge. Don't accidentally waive this right by signing any papers that you don't fully understand. Watch the video for more tips. 

"If you do not have significant criminal issues, it is possible you
will be released on the same day with no bond." 

-- Megan Kight, Attorney


Decipher the Paperwork

Forms from the government, like this one, can be complicated.

We can help you understand them.

Notice to Appear form immigration

This is the name of the form. You'll hear it referred to as an "NTA."

This form explains why the government is putting you in removal proceedings. 

In this section, the government officers will write the things they believe you've done that make it legal for them to deport you.

In this section, the government officers write the names of the laws that allow them to deport you.

This is the date and time of your hearing with an immigration judge.  You are required to attend. We can be there to fight for you. 

Have a plan.

Learn more about the deportation defenses we offer. 

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