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Statement and Legal Brief Writer - REMOTE, part-time

Open Position

We're an immigration law firm hiring quality writers for two different positions. Both are fully remote and part-time! You work whenever is convenient for you, as long as you meet your deadline. You will be paid an hourly rate per assignment as an independent contractor, not an employee. We will train you on all of the legal "stuff" relevant to your role.


  • Work a minimum of 8-10 hours per week
  • Commit to accepting a minimum of 4 assignments (about 3 months of work)
  • Have a reliable way to make audio calls with clients, whether through a cell phone, landline, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.; occasionally make calls to clients who are outside the US
  • Have access to the internet, Microsoft Word, Adobe or another PDF reader, and Microsoft Excel. We prefer if you are already familiar with file-sharing services like or Dropbox.
  • Possess excellent writing capabilities and proofreading skills
  • Prioritize honesty and integrity in preparation of statements and logging of hours worked
  • Be positive, professional, and communicative, both with clients and with your supervisor

Statement Writer: start at $13/hour

  • MUST be comfortable and competent communicating in Spanish with native speakers
  • Review clients' documents, prepare interview questions, arrange an interview time with the client, and interview the client over the phone
  • Prepare a detailed statement based on the client interview, summarizing the client's life story and specific circumstances that qualify him or her for immigration benefits under the law
  • Do the same for client's family members (interview + written statement on their behalf)

Brief Writer: $20/hour

  • Review client documents and statements, legal standards, country conditions, medical records, and more (anywhere from 50-300 pages of documents in total)
  • Aggregate the information into an 8- to 15-page persuasive, formal, legal brief summarizing the situation of the client and their family, and why they merit an immigration benefit
  • Spanish proficiency is not required; however, if you can speak Spanish, we prefer you prepare both the brief and the client's statements (see above)